Reasons behind Manchester United decline in the English Premier League

Reasons behind Manchester United decline in the English Premier League

Nobody can have more sorrow than a Red Devil right now. This year’s club’s unfortunate slump is too hard to bear and can be the most painful time for their fans.

With their dismal performances, they were looking totally out of shape, a new manager looking clueless and players seem to be in a considerable burden. Overall, this year, the Manchester United team appears to be attracting all kinds of troubles for themselves.

Ardent Manchester United fans would never even have dreamed about their favorite team’s drastic fall in the club’s stature. It has not been easy for Manchester United and here are the five reasons for Manchester United’s decline:


#Four: Compromising transfers

From the post-Sir-Alex era compromising transfers has been one of the most significant sit back for the Manchester United team. Time to time, whenever the club has targeted any top player, it all unfolds mysteriously, as they end up signing the next best option. These compromising transfers and club’s Plan B haven’t turned out to be advantageous for the club.

For all these compromises the man to blame is Ed Woodward, he has all the power, but consistently he has failed to assist the managers with the quality. This has led to the destruction of once a very magnificent club.


#Three: Lack of fighting spirit

There was a time when the Manchester United team was known for its massive fighting spirit, many of the Red Devils can still remember the days from the past as it was just in front of their eyes.

Sir Alex’s crafted winning techniques, fighting till the dire moments seem to be lost in days. There was a time when Manchester United’s Opposing sides could never take a sigh of relief until the very end of the match because the team had a record of fighting till the very end and winning on most occasions.

However, that time is long gone and now their Lack of fighting spirit, makes us wonder what exactly went wrong with this great club?


#Two: Instability in the system

With the current Manchester United performance, there is no doubt being instability in their system. The people managing the club have failed to perform, and there seems to be a need for an immediate revamping of their system.

The Manchester Club has never been known for these under performances, and their premier league result clearly shows how far they have fallen as a club.

On the other hand, there arc rivals Manchester City and Liverpool are ruling all over the series including England and Red Devils are seems to be lost in some additional space.


#One: The pressure of replicating Sir Alex’s glory days

Yes, Sir Alex was a genius, and nobody can replicate what he did for the Manchester United club. He was the sole reason behind the clubs glory as a wrecking machine, and it was his brainchild which turns the Old Trafford into a fortress where the world’s best team was frightened to play.

As for the current time, Manchester United club has to understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day and thinking of achieving Sir Alex success will take some considerable amount of time