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Betting Tools Online - Scanning Betting Tips Betscans.com
Sports Betting

Betting Tools Online – Scanning Betting Tips

It is a sad fact that when money is involved, there are sure to be people looking to swindle and take advantage.

Sports betting is one of the worst affected industries, with plenty of scammers in operation aiming to convince you to part with your cash in exchange for tips and advice that they “promise” will make you rich.

Unfortunately, these scammers can be very convincing: they show incredible track records, authenticity badges, lots of social media followers, and a shiny website. It can be difficult to know who to trust.

Thankfully, there are companies like Betscans.com, whose primary purpose is to put tipsters through a stringent verification process to ensure they and their tips are 100 percent genuine and authentic.

Betscans.com is not a tipster platform but a bets checker service, which allows tipsters to get their tips secured and verified for a small fee. Betscans.com do not take any slice of any profits those tips might make.

To verify each tip that is submitted, Betscans.com first check the validity of the odds a tipster has provided by comparing them with sportsbooks from around the world. They then check the accuracy of the date and time of the game, before verifying the tipster themselves using their technologically advanced monitoring tools.

Once these checks are passed, the tips are displayed on Betscans.com, and the tipster’s profile can be viewed on the website.

All of this means, as a potential tips buyer, you are now free to simply browse the tipsters and soccer fixtures on Betscans.com without spending hours researching the legitimacy of the tips.

To view the latest tips being offered, either scroll down the Betscans.com home page – where you will see a selection of the most recent matches coming up – or head to the ‘Upcoming Matches’ section. Here you will find all of that day’s fixtures that have verified tips attached to them.

Once you click the ‘View Tip’ button, a window will open up with all the information pertaining to that fixture and tip. If you are then interested in purchasing that tip, hit the ‘View Tipster’ link, which will take you to the tipster’s profile on an external website.

To access the complete information makes sure you have a registered account with Betscans.com.

In addition to its key service of scanning and verifying tips, Betscans.com has a blog section that provides a post on a range of topics regarding the soccer betting industry.

Here you will find articles on betting strategies, industry advice, and shared secrets from leading experts.

Considering the amount of fraudulent activity and fake accounts that exist in the soccer betting world, services like Betscans.com are vital to ensure that tipsters have a safe place to go to verify their legitimacy and for potential buyers of soccer tips to have peace of mind.

That is why here at Soccer Winning Tips we are happy to endorse their services.

Can you live off from betting alone?
Sports Betting

Can You Make a Living Betting On Sports?

Take a look at the global sports betting market size. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one could just live off betting on sports? This must be one of the obvious questions on your mind if you know anything about sports betting.

However, like most things that sound awesome, this dream also crashes quite quickly for most bettors. It is not impossible to make some side income from betting on sports on a consistent basis, but living off it might not be possible in most cases.

Here are some points that you should consider venturing into sports betting on a regular basis:

Look for value bets

Keep in mind that it’s never a level playing field between a bettor and a betting company. In most bets, betting companies offer odds which are lower than the actual probability of the event happening. Hence, they are always favorites to get one over you.

You need to find value bets and put your money on these bets. Value bets are those bets which offer better odds than the probability of them happening.

Why betting can’t be a sustainable model to live off

According to calculations, if you maintain a 54% success rate, which is impressive by the way, you need a 150k bankroll to earn around $2000-$3000 per month. Now, this money might be enough for a decent living in some areas of the world, and not enough in most first-world countries.

Hence, even if you spent a lot of time researching statistics and managed to come up with a foolproof model, there is no guarantee that you can live off sports betting. However, at the same time, it is perfectly possible to ensure a certain income from sports betting every month. The secret is to spread out your money on several bets, which should be value bets too.

If you are good at betting, you can explore other ventures

If you ever become good at predicting bets, then you don’t need to limit yourself to just placing bets. You can explore other options such as opening your own betting tips website, setting up your own soccer tips blog or join soccer tipsters review website.

Some websites now even allow bettors to provide tips on their platform. You can earn followers if you are good at soccer predictions, and then earn money from paid subscriptions to your tips.